Liquidity farming on Decentralized Exchanges

Efficient strategy where liquid pool providers earn rewards, typically a share of the trading fees.

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What are Liquidity pools?

A liquidity pool is a critical component of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It’s essentially a smart contract that contains a pool of funds used to facilitate trading in a decentralized manner. Liquidity pools are a fundamental mechanism for ensuring that there are enough assets available for users to trade, and they operate differently than traditional order book systems found in centralized exchanges.

How liquidity pools work

Liquidity Provider

Trading Fee

Liquidity Pool

Trading Fee

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

Trading Fee


What Liquidity Pools Do

Liquidity pools enable cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to trade tokens on a DEX without needing a centralized order book or traditional market maker. Instead, the smart contract that controls the pool handles all the trading activity. Investors who add their tokens to the pool receive a share of the exchange’s trading fees or some other investment incentive. The value of the incentive earned is proportional to the amount of liquidity the investor provided.

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How to earn with Liqfarm?

Four steps when you use our platform that will lead you to the safe and predictable returns you
planned to make using online investments.

Getting Started

Register for free and login on your Personal account. Explore it’s features.

Deposit any Tariff

Choose any tariff you like. Your funds transferring to the trading pool.

Profit Generation

The pool earns profit using invested funds. Profit statistics is available in user dashboard.

Withdraw Funds

You can withdraw profit from your balance anytime without fees and taxes.

Investment Tariffs

In this investment proposal, accruals are made on all days of the week.
The principal amount will be available for withdrawal at the end of the tariff period.


Daily for30 days

  • Deposit Return: Yes
  • Min. Deposit: $50

total return


Daily for30 days

  • Deposit Return: Yes
  • Min. Deposit: $2000

total return


Daily for30 days

  • Deposit Return: Yes
  • Min. Deposit: $5000

total return

Affiliate Program

Referral opportunities from Liqfarm for each investor and many ways to make an active profit online without any restrictions.


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Earn Profit

Earn money from each new investment of your affiliates at 3 levels in the depth of the structure.

Investors Deposits

Date Username Amount Processor
Jul-13-2024 07:46:53 PM Dwk64 $80.00
Jul-11-2024 02:42:53 PM Desmondefe31 $98.00
Jul-9-2024 06:10:26 PM ParadiseHouse $100.01
Jun-27-2024 07:20:13 PM wly320 $257.16
Jun-27-2024 05:06:17 PM yawin01 $100.00
Jun-27-2024 12:23:02 AM Anny $70.59
Jun-25-2024 09:27:16 AM Pic $100.00
Jun-25-2024 12:42:31 AM Jumpers $200.00
Jun-24-2024 06:06:29 PM sucrek $100.00
Jun-24-2024 03:59:37 PM leneug $100.00

Investors Withdrawals

Date Username Amount Processor
Jun-25-2024 03:27:15 PM besom3276 $12.00
Jun-25-2024 11:18:50 AM Lev $13.20
Jun-25-2024 11:06:36 AM mohgue $24.00
Jun-25-2024 10:43:12 AM Andrey1986 $12.00
Jun-25-2024 10:00:44 AM lisapool $24.00
Jun-25-2024 07:48:45 AM Fudfarm $17.53
Jun-25-2024 05:59:46 AM shamurla $15.00
Jun-25-2024 04:43:07 AM Claudia102626 $11.99
Jun-25-2024 03:31:20 AM 10kankijun $25.02
Jun-25-2024 03:25:56 AM mukj $12.00

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